It’s About Being Reader Friendly

No matter how full of wisdom an instructional book may be, if it is tedious, boring, overly complicated, not well written or organized, or talks down to the reader, it will have little value. In short, if you don’t enjoy reading it, you won’t learn much from it.

I guarantee that you have never seen a book on card theory written with the type of format and fun approach that I have used to help in the teaching process. At the same time, however, this book has a serious goal, that being to get you to think about the game of Spades in a way that is probably very different from how you think about and approach the game now.

I play Spades for fun. I wrote this book to try to leave the game a little bit better than how I found it, and to help as many people as I can have the most fun possible that they can playing this game that I love. I consider selling books to be an absolute privilege, and try to treat every reader as if he or she is the last one that I will ever have.

I wish you the very best of luck and Happy Spading!

John Galt Strichman